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Product Details: Nitrogen: 0.5% Phosphate: 0.2 % Potassium: 0.5 % *Bulky Organic Manure: -Compost -Farm Yard Manure (FYM) *Concentrated Organic Manure: -Oil Cakes: The Richest source of plant nutrient of all organic manure. -Edible oil cakes 9 (i.e., used for cattle feeding) -Non-edible oil cakes (i.e., used as manure) *Compost: -Compost is an organic manure artificially prepared from plant residues and animal waste products. The process of making compost is known as composting. It is largely a biological process in which aerobic (which require air or oxygen for their development) and anaerobic (which function in absence of air or free oxygen) microorganisms decompose organic matter and lower the carbon-nitrogen ratio of the refuse. -Compost is prepared from waste vegetables and other refuse mixed with cow-dung and urine and also from town waste and night-soil. The compost becomes ready in about three to four months without any further attention. Composts are two types and they differ in nature and composition. -Rural/Village Compost: This type of compost is prepared from farm waste products, e.g. straws, crop stubbles, crop residues such as sugarcane trash, groundnut husks, and leaves, cotton stalks, etc. Weeds, waste folder, urine soaked earth, litter from cowshed and hedge clippings. This type of compost contains 0.4-0.8 per cent Nitrogen (N), 0.3-0.6 percent PO5 and 0.7-1.0 per cent K2O. -Urban Compost or Town Compost: This type of compost is prepared from town waste and night soil. This type of compost contains 1.0-2.0 per cent nitrogen, 1.0 per cent nitrogen, 1.0 per cent P2O5 and 1.5 per cent K2O. *Farm Yard Manure (FYM): -Farm yard manure is a mixture of the solid and liquid excreta of farm animals along with litter (i.e., the materials used for bedding purposes of cattle) and left over material from roughages or fodder fed to the cattle. The chemical composition of FYM is nitrogen—0.5%, phosphate – 0.2 %, potassium – 0.5 % and water 76 %. *Oil Cakes: -Oil cakes are the byproducts of oil seeds crops. Oil cakes are the important and quick acting organic nitrogenous manure. It also contains the small amount of phosphorous and potassium. -Edible Oil Cakes: This type of oil cake is used for feeding cattle in the form of concentrations, e.g. mustard oil cakes, groundnut cake, sesame or til cake, linseed cake, coconut cake, etc. -Non-edible oil cakes: This type of oil cake is not suitable for feeding to cattle and mainly used for manuring crops, e.g., castor cake, neem cake, etc. The non-edible oil cakes contain a harmful toxic substance, which makes them unsuitable for feeding to cattle. But these are a good source of nitrogenous manure. The amount of nitrogen varies with the type of oil cake. It ranges from 2.5 per cent in manhua cake to 7.9 per cent in decorticate safflower cake. In addition to nitrogen, all oil cakes contain small quantities of phosphoric acid (0.8 to 2.9 per cent) and potash (1.1 to 2.2 per cent). Oil cakes are insoluble in water. But their nitrogen becomes quickly available in about a week or ten days after application to crops. Nisarg Biotech initiated our journey as the profound manufacturer of a wide array of Tissue Culture, Grafted Plants, Fresh Fruits, Fresh vegetables, Seeds, etc. Tissue Culture Plants are grown by tissue culture procedures in which we maintain or grow plant cells under sterile conditions using a nutrient culture medium of the known composition. By following this modern technology, we have been able to offer our customers plants, characterized by disease free growth, a fibrous & healthier root system, a bushier branching habit and a higher survival rate. Our Company, Seedless Lemon Tissue Culture Plant, Banana NET Pot, Banana Tissue Culture Plant, Kagdi Lemon Tissue Culture Plant, Tissue Culture Pomegranate Plant, Tissue Culture Teack Plants, Tissue Culture Banana Plants, Pomegranate Plant, Pomegranate Fruit, Mulching Sheets, Drumstick Plants, kantola Plants, TC pointed Ground Plants, Kantola Seeds, Papaya Seeds, Seeds, Strawberry Plant, Coconut Plant, Tissue Culture Date Palm Plants, Logan Fruit Plant, Batabi Fruit Plant, Rambutan Fruit plant, Jack Fruit Plant, Rose Apple Plant, Apple Ber Plant, Water Apple Plant, Lemon Plant. Patato Tuber, Seedless Lemon, Seedless Thai Lemon, Drumstick Vegetables, Palm Trees, Malabar Neem Plant, Teak Plant, Eucalyptus Clone Plant, Red Sandalwood Plant, MElia Dubia Plants, Poplar Wood Plants, Sandle Wood Plants, Bamboo Plants, Malaysian Neem Plant, Sheesham Plant, White sandal Wood Plant, Organic Fertilizers, Organic Manure, Nursery Bags Etc… manufacture and supplies this products. Our Company’s deal Network work in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Panjab, Gujarat. In Rajasthan, our company’s Dealar network work for Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Kota, Pali, Baswada, Alwar, Sihor, Balotra, Hanumangadh etc.. In Maharashtra, Nasik, Shirdi, Aurangabad, Jalgav, Dhulia, Sahada, Shirpur, Nagpur, Amravati and other gardening farming places.. In Madhya Pradesh, Indor, Ratlam, Badvani, Maheshwar, Khargot, Dhaar, Jambuva, Gavaliar, other gardening farming places…

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