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#Seedling Papaya Plants

#Seedling Papaya Plants The Seedling Papaya Plants is an important cash crop in India. This Seedling Papaya Plant is commercially raised from seed and products fruits in about a year. Mode of Application / Agronomy Soil : A well-drained sandy loam soil rich in organic matter > 20% is the best for papaya cultivation. Climate : It is tropical plant but can grow very well in sub-tropical regions. Variety : Papaya - Red Lady -786, a Gynodioecious commonly called bisexual types, exotic variety have been found promising. Season of planting : Feb -March (summer), June - July (monsoon) and September - October (Early Winter). Spacing : 7 ×7 feet or 8 × 6 feet Days to flowering : 7 to 8 months after planting. Harvesting : Fruit become ready within 2 to 2.5 months after flowering. Yield : 50 to 70 kg / plant*, Note : *varies with field 'conditions, Note :**Red Lady 786 is Papaya variety of Known-You Seed Co. Ltd Advantages of Papaya (Red Lady 786) Characteristics Conventional propagation through of ordinary Papaya Plants (Red Lady 786) Yield & Quality Low High Variety Mixed True to type, Hybrid Fruit Colour Yellow Red Sweetness of Fruit Low High Market Price Lower Higher returns Disease No guarantee Free from all diseases when supplied



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